Helping a client learn how to make eating healthy affordable

"Shirl helped me understand tips on how to find affordable healthy foods in the grocery store as well as some easy recipes for eating healthy. I know now that watching what you put in your body can be both easy and affordable!" -Evan

Helping a client have a new relationship with food, and that she is worth taking care of!

Hello my name is Missy and I have battled with my weight and health for many years. I asked Shirl to be my health coach and within the first week I had a new vision of food. I didn't even know I could love being a picky eater. I have found the confidence to succeed in my health journey and know that if I slip a little she is always there for support and suggestions. She helped me rethink what is important to me, and to live a longer life for myself and my family. She taught me to take care of myself and that I am important. If you are in for life changing health goals then Shirl as your health coach should be your first goal. I will be more than happy to share my health coach with you even though sharing is something I am still working on. Knowledge is power and Shirl uses that knowledge to empower YOU. 

Thank you Shirl you are the best!

Helping a client manage her life better!

I thought Shirl was going to help me with my eating habits, but she ended up helping me with so much more!  I am now in control of managing my life and have the tools I need to stay in control.  It is such a gift to be able to look forward to each day now. - Andie